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Cubed & Crushed Ice


At Ice Sculptures we supply top quality, crystal clear ice cubes and crushed ice, great for parties, cocktails, smoothies or display cooling.  We supply to festivals, hotels, catering businesses, public houses, wine merchants and private events including weddings, parties.


Ice can be supplied in small or large quantities, depending on your requirements.  Unsure about how much ice you need?


View our Ice requirement guide below.



Event size   Quantity required

Up to 30 guests  5 x 12KG

Up to 50 guests  7 x 12KG

Up to 100 guests  10 - 12 x 12KG

Up to 200 guests   13 - 15 x 12KG

Up to 400 guests  27 - 30 x 12KG

Up to 500 guests  35 - 37 x 12KG

Up to 800 guests  40 - 50 x 12KG





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